NANO SOMA® Usage Protocol

The following guidelines only apply in those countries where NANO SOMA/Nano Ojas can be used both orally and topically. In those countries where local regulations prevent its use for either oral or topical use, please abide by the local usage regulations for your country. Further, the Nano-Gel and the Nano-Cream are not available in all countries. Both NANO SOMA and Nano Ojas have registered brand names for Metadichol®. Other names may be used in other markets.

NANO SOMA® Spray Usage Protocol:

  • For health maintenance, use 5 sprays in your mouth once/day.

  • If you are taking prescription medications, the likelihood of a healing crisis (see description below) when you begin to use NANO SOMA is much greater. In this case, we recommend you begin with one spray/day, gradually building up to 5 sprays/day.

  • For assistance with an existing health condition, use 5 sprays once/day for the first week, then use one bottle in the second week (5 sprays, 4 times/day), a second bottle over the next two weeks (5 sprays twice/day) and a third bottle over the next 4 weeks (5 sprays once/day); i.e., normal health maintenance usage.


For skin problems and open wounds, spray directly on the affected area at least twice/day or apply NANO SOMA® Nano-Gel. For facial skin problems and age spots, spray directly on the affected area at least twice/day or apply NANO SOMA® Nano-Cream.

For eye or ear issues you may wish to pour some Nano Soma into a squeeze eye dropper bottle and put a drop in each eye, ear or nostril once or twice a day. It stings briefly in the eye but is quite safe. People report benefits with cataracts, glaucoma and tinnitus. 

For the nose, we suggest purchasing an inexpensive empty nasal spray, or empty out its contents if it contains another product and rinse it out, then fill it with NANO SOMA. Spraying NANO SOMA in your nose helps to clear out the resident bacteria and viruses.

Healing Crisis or Reaction:
Metadichol® is made from all natural, food-based ingredients and has no known side effects. Some users (most do not) may experience a healing crisis, which can happen when natural health remedies work. This passes in a day or two. The signs and symptoms of a healing crisis are often identical to the illness itself. For example, cough, fever, pain, rashes and itchiness are all possible healing reactions. Sometimes, the illness may get worse during the detoxification period before it gets better. Just drink lots of water, take plenty of rest, eat more fruits and vegetables and less meat, do some exercise daily to sweat it out, get some daily sun exposure and keep using Metadichol®.


These products have not been evaluated by US FDA. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This website is not providing medical advice, nor are any companies supplying NANO SOMA, Nano Ojas or other brands of Metadichol® or their associates or directors medical doctors. For medical advice and if symptoms persist, please consult your health professional.